providing creative tech education

photographs by David Villafana, Gangfree Life® Programs

what we do

poietoworks offers students creative entry points to learning and making with technology. Students learn fundamental coding concepts and systems-level thinking all while having fun and making art. Our education modules emphasize sensory experience and creative engagement to further feelings of belonging in tech spaces.




our goals

  • To make technology accessible to everyone regardless of age, gender, race, or socioeconomic status.
  • To provide an innovative and collaborative environment that fosters a deep-rooted love of learning and nurtures a sense of ethical and social responsibility.
  • To empower the youth of today to develop a spectrum of lenses to assess technology’s impact on current society so that they can build better, more ethical, more empathetic, more equitable, and more trustworthy technology for the future.

past work


Intro to Creative Hardware

@Inner City Arts in DTLA, with GAP LAUSD Beyond the Bell program
Full day workshop for 130 students in grades K-5. Using microcontrollers, conductive sensors, and generative language models, students explored how computers and electronics "sense" and generate output.

Making with Machines!

@Larchmont Charter in Hollywood, CA
A 2 week curriculum enrichment for grades K-7, diving into systems-thinking, intentional design, and generative art. With both physical and digital activities, students learned about creative tools, how they work, and how to use them considerately.