Here are some projects that use the poieto methodology.
An intersectional project that addresses the biases and unseen systems behind commercial “search”, a modern, knowledge-finding tool, inspired by the work of Dr. Safiya U. Noble in her book Algorithms of Oppression. ‘Search’ encourages participants to develop alternatives to existing search technologies based on different ideas of data, data-sharing, and measures of legitimacy.
creative code
Nami is a gestural controller composition project built by Sara Sithi-Amnuai, with poieto.
(image credit: Sohrab Nafici)
Contextual Normalcy
Contextual Normalcy is a participatory AI Research project in which we use artificial intelligence and crowd-sourced data to create alternative visions of normalcy for mental health.
(image credit: Michelle Gong)
creative code
Intelligent Protests
Re-imagining civic engagement, especially protest, via computer vision, photogrammetry, and virtual environments.
(image credit: Christine Meinders and Amanda Jensen)